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Welcome to Elba Valverde Portfolio

For all those that don’t know me, my name is Elba Valverde, I’m a designer, blogger and founder of Live Colorful, a blog about color, DIY projects, home decor and all the things that inspire a colorful and creative lifestyle.

I was born and raised in Mexico, and recently moved to California, USA, I adore Mexico and I’m starting to love it here, the weather is warm, the people are nice and the mountains look like suede!

Elba Valverde About

You can read more about my life and discover some of my daily adventures here. I hope you find something we have in common, so we can be friends :)

I am really fascinated with cultures from around the world and nature and I believe that this passion is reflected in my personal style as a designer. I spend my weekends and late nights collecting pretty pictures from magazines and around the web. The world of surface pattern design and creative things is so beautiful that I can’t get enough of it!

After graduating from college, I started a small company in Tabasco, Mexico dedicated to decorating themed events, it was pretty awesome! You have no idea how fun it was designing casino, retro and runway inspired quinceaños, weddings and even, a couple of corporative events. Back then, I worked with local artists and designed my own party furniture and structures. They weren’t perfect, but I loved the process so much. I made all sorts of weird looking things that helped me create amazing effects with lights and fabric. I also designed a few bar stools, bar tables and other accessories and furniture. I left the themed parties and adventures behind when I moved to the United States a few of years ago.

Elba Valverde Themed Event Design


After I moved I started Live Colorful and opened an online store with handmade and hand painted jewelry. These are some pictures of the products from my online shop which by the way, is going through a renovation. I will let you know if is open again.

Elba Valverde Portfolio

Elba Valverde Portfolio

So, this is me. I have always felt uncomfortable when people ask me, what do you do? Because I really love doing all sorts of things! If it’s creative I’m all about it! I hope I can inspire you with my projects and can create things that speak to you and make your life colorful and happy.

In the meantime, or until I fill the site with more things, this space was created for you! It will be here so you can ask me any question or send me suggestions!

If you love color as much as me, join me on Live Colorful and sign up to receive the newsletter. You can also follow me on my social media, I’m always there and I always try to answer questions as soon as possible. Find me @ElbaValverde and @LiveColorfulCo everywhere!

This is so exciting!! WELCOME, WELCOME and Thanks for being here!

Best, Elba Valverde

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Content creator and surface pattern designer

Elba Valverde, content creator, surface pattern designer and founder of Live Colorful, a bilingual blog (English/Spanish) about DIY projects, crafts, home decor and all the things that inspire a colorful and creative lifestyle. Her passion for color and crafting has given her the opportunity to be known internationally as an influencer of color topics, specifically the use of color in interiors. Originally from Mexico, Elba graduated from the Universidad Autonoma de Guadalajara 2008, with a BA in Interior Design and Landscaping. After graduating, she started a small company dedicated to decorating themed parties in Tabasco, México. During her adventure as an event decorator, she worked with many different clients and industries including quinceaños, weddings, and corporate events. After moving to the United States she found an amazing community around the web, she felt fascinated about blogging, content marketing, and social media. Live Colorful was created for all those that were looking color tips for their homes, color trends, creative projects or cheerful products to incorporate into their lives. Live Colorful became a way of expression for all color lovers around the world. Her other adventure has something to do with surface pattern design, color, and happiness. She would love to see a world filled with bright surfaces and cheerful imagery.

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